Thursday, December 03, 2009

In the news 12/03/2009

Apparently a "friend" of Tiger Woods is a little miffed about his extracurricular activities [article here while it lasts].

It says this friend and fellow golfer, although no where near a golfer of Tiger's caliber, introduced his nanny [Elin] to Tiger. I can see being a little bitter if it was a good friend, a relative or someone really close but being bitter because your nanny got shat on by a dude you introduced her to? C'mon! Again, I don't condone cheating but it's not like Tiger hasn't provided above and beyond for Elin allowing her to live a very, VERY comfortable lifestyle. Shit happens and yeah it sucks when it does but don't dick on a guy for getting busted. Who the hell knows what you, Jesper Parnevik, has done "on the side."

Jesper, by the looks of your 2009 tournament finishes, you'd be lucky if someone on the street actually knew who you are much less want you to bang them on the back nine! I think Jesper just wants to get famous off of Tiger's name and wanderings. It's a good time to do it!

Yes, I just pointed fingers and name-called but I got pushed. Who the hell does he really think he is saying, "We probably thought [Tiger] was a better guy than he is"!? Sounds like jealousy to me.

What an Ass! LOL!

I'm done!

Live Long and Prosper!

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