Tuesday, December 01, 2009

In the news 12/01/2009...and apparently more

Holy shit, Batman! Can you believe it is already December 2009? The main thing I always hated about the new year was having to learn to write the new year. I spent probably a month after January 2009 crossing out 2008 because of writing it out of habit. Now that I am used to writing 2009, I'm going to have to get used to writing 2010. Sucks!

So, back on tangent of an "in the news" post.

I saw an article on MSN that linked me to MSNBC that linked me to Badmouth. The headline reads on MSN:
Activist seeks divorce ban in California

Click here for the article as long as it lasts

The dude's got a point. I mean they wanted to preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage (between man and woman) by banning gay marriage why can't they further try to preserve it with a ban (if not at least more difficulty to get) on divorce? I'm happily married for a long time and I'm 99.9% sure I will be forever. I think some people see divorce as an out before even getting married. It's kind of like registering for and taking college classes. I take some classes just to see if I like them because I know that there is a drop date that allows me to withdraw from the class if I don't want to continue attending it anymore. If I knew in advance it's either a take or don't take, then I probably wouldn't take certain courses. Get the analogy?

Anyway, I'm totally for or against marriage. Weird, huh? Again, I'm happily married but I just don't see marriage as a necessary thing. I think society, at least historically, has taught individuals that one dates, gets married, buys a house, has children and lives "happily ever after". They don't tell you that sometimes after the house and children comes foreclosure and divorce. LOL! I lived with my wife for about three years before we got married. The times were (and still are) great but I don't think we needed to get married. I think that's just the expectation...dating then marriage placed upon couples--hetero or homo. I don't think marriage gave me any more of a commitment to her than I already had. I could have professed eternal commitment to her and kept my promise. That's just the kind of honorable person I am, honestly! Marriage didn't miraculously make our relationship more exciting and magical. Our relationship was already all that and more. What marriage did was give us a legal binding contract.

As such, I think the infringing party that breaches the contract should come out with the shit end of the stick. If they want to continue to honestly work to make the marriage work, okay...maybe. Otherwise, fuck them. They broke the contract why should they get ANYTHING from it. Sure there are many reasons for dissolving a marriage and annulment is good for most anything other than cheating, stealing, beating, and the like. If you fault on your house mortgage or auto loan, you don't get something out of it, do you? NOPE! They take your house or your car, end of story.

Anyway, before I get too high up on my podium (which side am I on though, huh?), I truly don't care if "marriage" is man-woman, man-man, woman-woman (umm...:-P). If the people are good people, who the shit cares what their sexual preference is?

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