Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blockbuster really needs help

Blockbuster should seriously reconsider their marketing plan and business model. If they want to survive, Blockbuster is going to have to come up with something WAY better than this!

Why would I want to rent three movies to get ANYTHING at a Blockbuster store for free? The popcorn, candy and/or Coke have usually been around the store for a while that's why they are "giving them away for free." But they already make their money off of you by making you pay $1.99-$3.99 for each of the three rented movies.

I guess that's smart business if you can get the stupid customer to do it. I'm not a stupid customer and no one else should be either!

If you haven't read any of my other Blockbuster rants, I am a Blockbuster Total Access Plan member. So, I don't speak from inexperience or from an outsider looking in. I have a pretty good grandfathered deal with my Total Access Plan but the moment they increase it or get rid of it, I will no longer rent movies from Blockbuster.

I've recently used Red Box a few times and although it has to be watched within 24 hours, I think $1.20 (total with tax) isn't a bad deal—especially back in the day when there was a dollar movie theater. I also got a free movie rental for signing up and after my initial rental. Then I got a free online credit for one movie. Basically I've watched seven movies from Red Box for the price of four. Granted they don't have a lot of new releases and sometimes I have to find the movie I want at different Red Box locations but overall it's not been too bad.

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