Friday, May 16, 2014

Best advertisement ever

...for men, of course. I've ordered gifts for the wife (is it really for the wife? Hmm...) from Victoria's Secret before so I'm on their email list. I get email ads from them probably every other day but at least twice a week. I usually just delete them since I'm not looking for anything to purchase from them at this time. I opened today's email and was wonderfully surprised by the image you see (click it to view in all it's wonderfulness.

Does it make me want to purchase whatever it is they are selling (as I didn't even read it to see what they were promoting)? Somewhat, yes, it does. Does it make me just want to stare at my computer screen gawking at this image? Yes, yes it does! However, I cannot since I'm at work.

Bummer for me!

I really don't want the product but what is wearing the product...or is it what the product is wearing?

Anyway, it's definitely eye-catching.

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