Thursday, May 29, 2014

In the news 05/29/2014

There is a line in the article that says the following,
"...a controversy in which Donald Sterling insulted African-Americans in a secret audio recording..."

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I've tried to stay silent about it but I just can't anymore.

The man was SECRETLY recorded in a PERSONAL conversation with his STUPID ASS girlfriend!

Is what he said wrong? Sure. Is a he a complete and utter dumb ass? Sure. Should he be fined by the NBA and have the Clippers forcefully removed from his ownership because a personal conversation was recorded and made public? I don't fucking think so!

Do I like the guy? No. He looks like an arrogant, douche bag, asshole! But all these people crying for his head are the same stupid mothers that are against people/big business/government intervening in their personal lives.

If Donald Sterling was as big of an asshole as he's made out (and seems) to be and has all the money that he has, I would hope he'd sue the NBA. Not to condone his comments as acceptable but to show that NOBODY can or should allow big business use their secret, behind-closed-doors (essentially), personal interactions be used against them in business.

Now I do know that people should conduct or try to conduct themselves in a certain manner at all times in public as they are almost always an extension of their business (the NBA in this sense). However, as far as I know, this was not in public but on a cell phone in a personal conversation. To me, using this as a way to finally get rid of the racist, bigoted man is a huge misuse of justice.

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Anonymous said...

In light of his diagnosis of dementia, I have to feel there's much more to how this came to play. If you've ever witnessed this stage in a loved one, word's and behavior never heard or experienced from your Christian mother, you may wonder the same. I have a suspicion there's more to this event than a racist comment. Follow the money.