Sunday, May 11, 2014

Royal Pains versus Rush

I don't understand why the USA Network would create a show that looks to have the same exact premise as another successful show already on the network.

I've been seeing a commercial for Rush which, as mentioned, looks EXACTLY like Royal Pains. The Royal Pains doc caters to the rich people of the Hamptons. The Rush doc caters to "LA's elite."

See the similarities? I'm not sure they'll change too much between the two shows although Pains seems more of a dramedy compared to just drama.

I watched a few episodes of Royal Pains and thought it was good and funny. I didn't get to watch much more because I got too busy with life. However, if I wanted to watch one of these shows, I think I'd go back with Royal Pains. Who am I kidding? I might have enough time to watch both shows if I ever have enough time.

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