Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the news 07/13/2011

From the Star-Telegram:
Widow of pizza deliveryman who was fatally beaten sues Domino's

Borchardt [widow's attorney] said the teens' phony pizza order was made on a prepaid cellphone and involved an uninhabited address to which Domino's had never delivered a pizza. "They should have known this was going to be an unsafe delivery at that point," he said.

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Domino's should have known this was coming. This freaking attorney is an ambulance chaser-type. This is going to be a waste of tax payer money. It should be shot down before it even goes to jury selection or whatever.

Number 1: How is someone calling in on a prepaid cellphone a flag for "unsafe delivery?" I know tons of people that have prepaid cellphones. Hell, my father-in-law is on a prepaid cellphone. WTF, idiot attorney!?

Number 2: Is money really going to help this widow with her grieving? Well, hell yes...especially if it's a lot! But seriously, it wasn't Domino's that beat the crap out of this guy. Granted they may have unsafe areas but what areas these days aren't unsafe in some form or fashion?

I think Domino's should have stepped up and given a lump sum of money to the widow. It should be a policy. He got injured, killed, on the job out of no fault of his own and they should have "donated" something to the widow. I think $10,000 is what the government deems as the worth of a human. Domino's could have doubled that and been done with it. Every business should have an "in case of death on the job" fund.

Unfortunately, businesses typically don't give a rat's ass about their employees until they are no longer producing revenue for said business.

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