Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two brushes with stupidity in one day

My Saturday experiences with stupid cyclists in Dallas within an hour of each other:

First on Harvard Avenue at the Katy Trail: Two cyclists traveling at least 25 mph are about 75 ft from the crosswalk. I'm about 20 ft going about 15 mph. I am halfway across the crosswalk as they have to slow down and wait for me to cross. One cyclist puts his hands in the air like "WTF?" Apparently the cyclist doesn't know the law of the crosswalk which reads, "Yield to those WITHIN the crosswalk." It doesn't say, "Yield to those approaching the crosswalk." These cyclist didn't want to slow their roll and so I must be the dick and not them. Idiots!

Second, Southwestern Blvd at Airline Rd: Two cyclists traveling north on Airline Rd. I'm traveling east on Southwestern Blvd. I get to the stop light/sign before them. As I start to go, they acted like they were going to ride through the stop light/sign. They slammed on their brakes and wobbled a bit and were like dumbfounded that I didn't yield to them. So, cyclists want to have the same rights as vehicles but they don't want to obey the vehicle laws. Idiots!

I know this isn't ALL cyclists behaviors and attitudes but it seems to be the majority of the ones I have come across. They are an arrogant pack of dip shits that would much rather be arrogant than safe. Right or wrong is not the point when they are willing to risk their life because who is going to win the collision? I don't think the vehicle will be the worst off.


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