Tuesday, September 13, 2011

People are so stupid and clueless sometimes

I got an email from the CompUSA listserv mentioning a "deal" on the Alienware M14X AM14X-5283SBK today. I have previously typed about owning the M11X but I'm really interested in upgrading to the M14X for more screen real estate. I'm going to find a REALLY good deal on it sometime in the near future. I just know it.

Curious as I am, I clicked the link in the email to see what kind of deal they were offering. It wasn't that great but I didn't see something that made me realize even more the ignorance of people.

I screen captured two comments (see below) about the M14X which are supposed to be reviews. What's stupid about these particular "reviews, ratings, comments" is that the people typing them do not even OWN the product they are "reviewing!" They are generalizing what they want in the item or what they feel is wrong about the item without even buying it and physically using and testing it. They make blind, ignorant judgments (where has thinking like this gotten the world in the past...very bad places and happenings).

Anyway, if you're not going to contribute in a meaningful manner to the world of electronic purchases, keep your stupid mouth shut! What's even funnier is that these stupid blokes hide behind cryptic usernames because they don't want their friends and family to point out the stupidity!

So, if you want to comment on something whether it be a product, an article, a blog entry, or whatever, at least have some experience with what you are speaking about.

=== end transmission of frustration ===

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