Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Texas is running out of death penalty drugs

There are many things we do have an abundance of to replace the drugs:
  • The rope
  • The firing squad
  • The guillotine
  • A grenade—duct taped to the head
  • Bullet(s)—in general
  • Push off a tall building
  • Push in front of a high-speed moving train
  • Push out of an airplane without a parachute
I think we can improvise with just about anything these days. Of course, critics would be crying about some methods (even the one-drug dose they are planning to use) as cruel and unusual punishment.

Seriously!? These fuckers are on death row for a reason. They caused cruel and unusual punishment to their victims and the victims' families. Who gives a shit if we cut off one appendage at a time until they are dead?

I would sleep just fine if I had to pull the switch, the trigger, the pin, or do the push. In time they too would call me "Executioner" (say that in the voice of The Emperor from Return of the Jedi).

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