Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Albert Nobbs (2011)

Albert Nobbs (2011). I feel like this movie has been prodding me to watch it for a few months now. I keep seeing it over and over when I browse my Netflix account. I almost watched it a few times but never did because I felt like it wasn't a movie that would keep me interested. It's always been on my Blockbuster Total Access Plan queue. I just kept having it pushed further down the queue as I added movies that I thought I'd like to watch sooner or would be more entertaining.

Apparently, the movies I'd prefer to watch are also the preference of many other people so every one of them kept being in the Availability status of Medium or High Demand. So, the queue jumps to and sends the next available movie in Available status. Which recently finally got to the point of sending me Albert Nobbs.

Anyway, Glenn Close plays Mister Nobbs. She's a woman dressed as a man to get a man's wages and respect. Apparently she has played Mister Nobbs for a very long time. The movie is done well and the acting is fairly good. It's interesting to see what people would go through to "get ahead" in the world. To live a secret life in such close proximity with other people had to have been pretty stressful.

As mentioned, I passed this movie by time and time again when seeing it show up in Netflix. It just didn't seem like a movie I really, really wanted to watch but it kept nagging at me to watch everytime I saw it. I guess you could say that I was finally forced to watch it when it came in the mail from my Blockbuster Total Access Plan Queue.

One thing to mention is that Janet McTeer has HUGE boobs...they remind me a bit like Mimi Rogers' boobs...and I knew she was playing a man from the moment I saw here in the movie.

Final verdict: it's watchable. It's not overly exciting. There is no real action, adventure, or violence but it's still tolerable. I would recommend watching but don't expect pomp and circumstance.