Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI resigning

I thought being Pope was more of a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

I'm Catholic, non-practicing. I've attend a Methodist church (my wife's religion and not totally by my own free will) more than I have a Catholic church...a lot more. I'm not overly religious...let's be honest, I'm not that religious at all. It's not that I do or don't believe. I just have a very hard time giving into blind faith...for anything or anyone. I do believe what's meant to be is meant to be...we can try to change things and if they are changed or thought is either of those outcomes were probably meant to be. Was the outcome directed by God or something else, that's where I cannot be definitive.

Anyway, I do understand faith, belief, trust, and stability. I think Pope Benedict XVI resigning because he "lacks the strength to do his job" is not a good sign to Catholics. It would make me question where the Pope's faith, belief and trust lies as wells question the stability of "the church."

To me, this says, "Go ahead people, give up on whatever it may be once you feel you no longer have the strength to continue." Essentially, give up because there you will find the strength nowhere.

The Vatican of all places should be saying when you are tired and weary let God carry you through those times so you can build up the strength to continue on. Or something like that.

I think the articles are stating that the last time the Pope resigned was almost 600 years ago. Apparently that was to end the Great Western Schism which seems to be not totally by choice and definitely not because he was too old or weak.

Again, I really don't care. But for the Catholic church to make the Pope of such reverence and idol-like, it seems to me that they would have foreseen this, try to handle it a different way, or just not elect an already old Cardinal to become Pope!

Apparently, common sense along with fears and worries is left at the door of the church!

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