Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday is a waste...

...of your time, money, blood (could be literally these days) and sweat!

I don't know why people [still] put themselves through the Black Friday mess. If you know how and take the time to price compare, you will always get the best deal online or at the store. It's way more worth your time to shop around all year or months before the holidays than on some fictitious 'super sale' day big business marketers created.

For instance, Target has a few brand new PS3 games (like COD: Ghost, ACIV: Blackflag, BF4 and FIFA 14)on sale for $35.00 + tax + in-store purchase only...roughly $38.00 total. Amazon has those same games for $34.99 + tax + free 5-7 day shipping...roughly $38.00 total. If you happen to have Amazon Prime, it's free two-day shipping.

So, who makes out better: the person who braves the crowd of people that believes they're getting the best deal(s) to hoping a copy of the games remain on the shelves for their potential purchase or the person who ordered from Amazon knowing they're getting the games and continues to sit in the warmth of their home eating dessert and watching TV? I'm with the latter. Besides, if I can't find something at the price I'm looking with the easiest effort possible, I feel like it's not something I "need" at that time.

Fight the urge people! Force them to have Black Friday every day!

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