Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Playing around with some macrophotography

I was going through some storage bins...trying to purge more shit that I don't use/need since my move to a smaller place last year. I have a bin of memorabilia which contains a lot of "junk," as my wife would say, that I just don't want to part with. Some of it I already had to because it was outside on the patio and rain water got inside due to a crack in the side of the bin. Anyway, much of the stuff got rusted or smelled like rotten ass so I had to purge them. I did come across this little "gem" in my recent browse-through.

This is a "coin" that my previous employer gave out to commemorate or some shit our start date. Below the truck was my signature and below it was my start date. I guess they thought this would make us feel better about working for such a shit-hole boss and employer. It didn't work for me. Some people still think it was one of the best places to work. I don't interact AT ALL with those individuals since I left that job fifteen years ago! They are the kind of people that will probably some day go crazy (that are already slightly bat shit to begin with) or do something crazy and I DO NOT want to be around them when that happens.


Anyway, I thought with the chemical reaction of the water to whatever this metal is, it was a good chance to try out some macrophotography with this "macro tube" I got some time ago that attaches between the camera and lens. It's not the easiest to focus and shit but it works. Just takes some playing around with which what doesn't in regards to photography?!

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