Monday, November 24, 2014

Tennis media shows Federer favoritism, duh!

This showed up on my Facebook page today.

Don't get me wrong. I like Federer. I'm sure almost all who like tennis probably like Roger Federer or his playing skills anyway. He may not be their favorite player but it is hard to deny the accomplishments he's achieved as a professional singles tennis player.

That being said, this news report "leads" off with a bad statement.

When I hear it said that someone led a team to victory, it makes me think of that person as winning, playing awesomely and was just damn near infallible to the point that there was no way they or their team could lose.

However, this was not the case with Federer's "leading." He lost the first Davis Cup singles match for this final in straight sets to Gael Monfils. This would not be leading the victorious charge in my book. Stan Wawrinka on the other hand won his first singles match and was pretty impressive as a team with Federer in the doubles against Gasquet/Benneteau.

So maybe I'm splitting hairs here but I would say that Federer started out the day well by winning the first reverse singles match which just happened to secure the overall win and title for the Swiss Davis Cup team. Again I would not say that Roger lead the Swiss to a Davis Cup title rather that with Roger's win the title was secured and Stan did not have to play to break the tie.

I just get irritated with commentators or reporters overly supporting one player versus another just because one has fourteen grand slam titles while the other merely has one.

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