Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Notification technology for surgeries

So, the wife had knee surgery this morning. 5am wake-up. 5:45am check-in. 7am approximate start. They give you...well, me...a pager-type device. So old-school. Whatever happened to just using the PA system? I guess that's even more old-school.

Anyway, first page was a test message. The second was a message to go to the nurse's desk to get prepped and such. The third page was the following (in the picture, duh)

I don't think you can see the time in the picture but it was displayed as 9:55am. I really got the page at 7:50am. They don't care to set the time on the pagers. It's not important they said and some person after me will probably mess with it and change the time or whatever (like I did, I set the time/date after I was in the consultation room...waiting...for 40 minutes and no one ever came. So I had to step out and ask what was up).

Anyway, after the miscommunication with the consultation room and about an hour and a half to two hours of recovery, physical therapist visit, and instructions, we were able to leave $1,200 poorer with more billing to come.

Good times!

UPDATE: I don't know why Blogger is making the picture vertical because the original isn't. Again, technology quirks!

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