Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stupid drivers post #10

Do stupid drivers really think that the more they ease forward at a traffic light the faster the light will change?

There is a reason they paint this really wide white line. It's called "The Stop Here Dumb Fucker" line! And most lights have this crazy knack of usually changing quicker when you are ON this line versus behind it or over it. Sometimes it really doesn't matter but the light definitely doesn't change faster the more you ease over and beyond the line.

In fact, you look more like a dip shit for easing forward instead of just waiting for the light to change! Especially you clinically fucked up drivers that ease so far beyond that you are 1/4 the way into the intersection!

If you reflect upon how stupid you are or were, you'll maybe realize that the extra few inches (feet in some cases) didn't help you get to your destination any quicker.

It did make some random person waste his precious time posting about your dumb ass and you are never going to know. But it made me feel better letting the world know of your stupidity and hopefully learn from it. It's a down right dirty shame I don't have a picture of you or your vehicle. I think I'd exceed the Internet's bandwith with pics of ALL the stupid drivers.

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