Thursday, February 10, 2011

New semester of classes for me

Not that anyone cares but I didn't get a chance to share what grade I got in my Employee Benefits class taken last semester, Fall 2010 (mentioned in this post).

Slack-ass Jay ended up getting a C. That's right bitches...a C. Hold the applause.

Again, this class wasn't one of my core courses. It was a business elective and to get a C, Hell!, to pass is good for me! What I can take away from this is (1) I'm 3 hours closer to being done and (2) I passed!

Now, I am about a month into the Spring 2011 term. I'm taking two management courses that are the two core courses I have to take for my management major. I didn't want to double up on two business courses in one term because I know what kind of slacker I am. But I didn't have much of a choice. The classes are getting slim pickens these days and the closer I get to my graduation the harder it is to find a class that will fit my major AND fit my work/personal schedule.

This semester I am taking a Human Resource Management course as well as a Leadership & Culture (i.e. Organizational Behaviour) course. After attending a few classes, these classes overlap just a bit. I mean what is leadership and culture if you don't have good human resources management. A few terms I have heard in both classes. I wish it was so simple as paying attention on one class to pass both. LOL!

Anyway, today I have a test in my HR class. Because of the snow/ice last week, it's only over chapters 1-3. He didn't want to push back the test and mess up his syllabus schedule because of guest speakers and such. It's great that it's only three chapters but that's if we read those chapters already and slack-ass Jay sort of did. His comment to the class was, "Well, you guys already read the three chapters before the "break," right?" Ha! Foolish man how I have him fooled.

So, wish me luck on exam one today. I'll need it. I feel semi-confident but who knows what will be on the test. It's 50 multiple choice questions so maybe that will help me...maybe not.

Have I mentioned before how I hate school?

That's all I got to say about that!

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