Thursday, November 04, 2010

Finally nearing the end of my benefits class

I guess I should just say, "Nearing the end of the fall semester," not just this one class as I am taking two.

I guess it's because I dislike this class...well, class period. I'm like a broken record, I know.

Today was exam III. I wasn't too worried about it because as I stated in a previous post, I'm okay with the average of a 67 and 72 on the two previous tests. I just need to pass the comprehensive final and I'm golden. C- here I come! Passing is passing dammit!

Tuesday, the prof very briefly touched on the exam. The only real things of substance he said that meant anything to the class was something like this, "...after a few of you expressed concerns about my evil, very evil, exams I've made some changes..." This test is now 25 multiple choice worth 3 pts each and pick 1 of 2 essay questions worth 25 pts. The previous two tests were 20 multiple choice and pick 2 of 3 essay questions. The problem with his previous tests was that the essay questions were like 10-15 part questions. Who the hell is going to remember that much information about ANYTHING except the nerdy nerds of the world!?

Anyway, I did study a little bit. I'm not completely useless. I didn't stress out about it, though. I did mistakenly stay up typing an outline of chapters 7 & 8 until midnight last night but that was partly due to the time getting away from me and I mixed in some web (porn) surfing—I'm easily distracted, duh!

I thought about being able to briefly review my notes sometime through my work day but it didn't happen. So, again, I was conceding the first two tests as my average.

I head to my classroom and I see a few of my classmates outside studying. I've got a bottled water, pencil and a calculator. One girl says to me, "Are you braving it since you aren't carrying any notes for last minute cramming?" I said, "Yeah, I figured if I didn't know it by now, I'm not going to know it in the next few minutes." She was like, "True."

So, I get to my seat and I sit and wait. The prof passes out the tests and we are able to begin shortly after. I answer a couple of the multiple choice and I start to think that maybe I know this shit. Question 3...4...5...uh oh, don't know this one...7...8...9...10...oh shit, that's what the calculator is for but I don't know how to compute the problem...12...13...etc.

I get to the essay question and I feel confident that I can answer the first one pretty thoroughly. Two hand-written pages later and I'm done! Second person out of the class to complete the exam-not that I am keeping score.

I exited the classroom thinking this could actually be a much better grade than the 72 but most definitely way better than the 67.

I tell ya, I'm like good wine...I get better with age [time].

Not that I really care and I won't know for sure on my grade until probably next Thursday but I think I may be up to a C or C+ now


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