Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A conversation overheard in the office

There are certain things that should not be spoken of between two people, who barely know each other, especially at work. The following is a brief recap of a conversation between two males—one here for 5+ years and the other just started last Monday. In fact, this was more of a one-sided conversation started by 5-yr-guy.

7-day-guy started with a goatee last Monday. This Monday it was shaved but he still had the moustache. 7-day-guy was sitting in his office today.

5-yr-guy approached 7-day-guys's door and loudly said, "So, are you going to shave different body parts until you are just left with sideburns? Is this a personal or professional choice or what?"

7-day-guy mumbled something and then I heard, "It's just that time of year for me to do it."

5-yr-guy walks back into his office while 7-day-guy seemingly bolts out into the hallway to get the hell away from the newly-labeled-by-7-day-guy-weirdo-in-the-office guy.

If this conversation was just between 5-yr-guy and 7-day-guy, then it probably would have just been weird for 7-day-guy. But I heard it and at least two lady coworkers heard it. So, we all have to share in the weirdness.


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