Monday, November 01, 2010

Rangers choke. Another Dallas-area team of "could have beens"

"Keep your heads up, Rangers." "Thanks for a great season, Rangers."

That's just a couple of the quotes I've read on my friends' Facebook pages who are apparent "fans" of the losers of the World Series.

I'm not a baseball fan, never have been. I've been to about twenty games at The Ballpark in Arlington (which I believe has a new name since I've been). I've been in the nose bleed stands as well as about twenty seats behind 3rd base. I could give a crap what was happening on the field. I'm just not a fan. I like the venue. The Ballpark is nice. It provides nice views from within the stands as well as on the very top "patio" area of Arlington.

Baseball is slow-paced. It's not like ice hockey, football, basketball or even soccer. It provides absolutely no interest at all for me in strategy or skill. I believe the players are way over paid for the amount of actual work and skill the bring to their "job" (the duration of a game). Pitchers probably earn more of their pan any of the other players but I think they are also probably paid less, most anyway.

A lot of people have the same dislike of tennis when I tell them I'm a fan. I don't understand why. Yes, a ball is hit back and forth of a net. How enjoyable can that be? To appreciate the skill, endurance, and training that a professional tennis player commands to control a little yellow ball with the string bed of a tennis racquet is way more than any baseball player has to do or exerts up to or during a game. It does take some skill to hit a baseball thrown at 98+ MPH with a 3in wide piece of wood but how many of the baseball players actually do this on a consistent basis? Granted it is a testament to the skill of the pitcher but who wants to see a pitcher throw a no-hitter compared to wanting to see more hits and home runs?

Even without all this "excitement," baseball outperforms tennis, golf and other sports for TV ratings. Sometimes even more than football. I just don't get it. Is it because baseball's rules are easier to understand and follow? I just don't know. Maybe it's the inbreeding. :-)

Whatever it may be, I say, "Boo on the Rangers." The proverbial carrot was dangle in front of Rangers fans and it was taken away without making a fight out of it. Seriously, 4 games to 1 is like how playoffs are won in the 1st round of hockey or basketball.

I'm not completely heartless. I do believe the Rangers performed well for a team that never has been to the World Series. They quickly joined the ranks of the rest of the almosts-but-not-quite teams that have lost. There has to be a loser and it seems the Dallas-area teams are perfect for the role.

So, I bag on all the professional teams in the D/FW area not just the Rangers. As a sports fan, selective sports at most times, I am tired of my hopes being dashed because of the unfulfilling prophecy of the "one that could change our team and take us all the way" never is completed. Even though the Cowboys have won Super Bowls and the Stars a Stanley Cup, they still have disappointed local fans year after year with sub-par performances in the regular season and if lucky enough, post-season. The Mavericks consistently are "almosts" and now the Rangers have joined them.

I'm not a die hard fan, I guess. I'm not into giving my all, my attention, to things that end up wasting my time and patience. So, I guess I'm not a true fan either some might say. I say, "Maybe."

But maybe I'm like that person that has been really hurt in a relationship and is afraid to let themselves invest in caring again. Yeah, that's it. Maybe I'm just a sports romantic.

Nah, I'm just a bitter sports fan that wants his team to win or at least listen to me when I yell at the TV on how things should be done. If they still lose after my advice, then at least they did so following the BEST advice possible. I can't help it that they can perform the advice I've given them.

Again, Boo on the Rangers. Boo on the Cowboys. Boo on the losing streak Stars. And fingers-crossed that the Mavericks will bring it home this season! I won't keep the torch burning for them for too long.

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