Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

So, in case you didn't know, Call of Duty: Black Ops came out today. I was going to link that but I think you can Google those five words and find with great ease what it is...just like I did by finding this image.

Anyway, I'm in sort of a dilemma.

First, I got an email from Newegg which gave me a coupon code that would take $10 off the game which would bring it down to $49.99 plus tax but with free 3-5 day shipping. The shipping is fine because I'm in no extreme hurry like the other "COD" nerds. I can wait otherwise this wouldn't be a dilemma.

Second, there is a GameStop right around the corner and they have it in stock. The price is $59.99 plus tax but also no shipping. If I purchase it at GameStop, I can get 250 points on my PowerUp Rewards card. Which if I read the "rules" right, that is on top of the "10 pts per dollar spent on all new games" for a max of 850 points (right?).

Either way, I would like to get the game but I'm not a first-out purchasing kind of guy. I mentioned that I can wait. I didn't get COD:MW2 until probably almost a year after it came to market. About the same time, I picked up COD:MW and Bad Company: Battlefield. I think they were all previously-used games from GameStop and I got them for something like $60 total. I haven't done those games justice as I've only played the single-player or four-way "in-house" multiplayer. I haven't play any of them online. The last console online game I played was Socom 3: U.S. Navy SEALS on the PS2. I have played MOH: Spearhead on my PC.

I think I'll probably wait. I've seen a few quick reviews on people that did the midnight-purchase thing and they are mixed so far, although still good ratings. I'm sure it doesn't have a lot of different game play compared to MW2 but how many games can vary the gaming in a certain genre, know what I mean? Besides, I have played all the games of SOCOM, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Syphon Filter without any negativity of saying, "It's the same old game play." That's why we like them and why we buy them again and again. What we do want is to continue the story and to continue the required learning curve of beating the game and hopefully the A.I. can improve from game to game.

After all this, I guess I don't have a dilemma after all...[excited thought occurs]...

Oh crap, I just realized that I have some movies to exchange on my Blockbuster Total Access Plan. I can rent video games now. Hell yeah! That'll suffice until I decide to purchase in future. Booyah!

UPDATE:  I just checked my membership online. The game is not available for rental through the online portal until 2/22/2011. WTF? But I think I can use my in-store exchange towards games. I'll have to see tonight.

UPDATE #2:  I did stop by my local brick-and-mortar Blockbuster to check on Black Ops. They had a few copies for rent. I asked the BB employee about exchanging my mail-order DVD for the game because I remember seeing something about being able to do so. He says he knows I can get the game for a $5 rental fee (versus the $9...yep, isn't that effing insane!?) with my DVD exchange but he is unsure if the game rental time limit is unlimited like my DVD would be. What kind of help is that? I want to know if I have the standard 5-7 days or return it whenever I'm done blasting the hell out of the Taliban unnamed enemy. So, I opted for renting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I'm just not willing to pay $5 to know that I can't take my time playing the game like I could watching a movie. I'm particular like that. Sue me! I guess I'll have to post my question to the online customer service or get a manager-type person at the local store to answer my question!

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