Sunday, November 21, 2010

Altitude (2010)

Watched the movie Altitude (2010) today.

It's not a new concept. If you are going to remake/redo/rewrite a common concept, I'd recommend trying to do it equally if not better than the best way the concept was made. Confusing, I know.

The acting was typical and so was the characters. You have the dip shit, testosterone-laden jock...the pretty blond who is dating said jock but is coveted by semi-nerdy, quirky artsy dude...the smarter, more talented but more pretty girl...and the quiet, socially awkward, somewhat mysterious guy. They are all in this movie.

Without researching the movie, I thought it was about something totally different. As such, I think I was more disappointed to find out what it was about while watching and then the sub-par direction and story line of it.

It ended slightly different than I thought it would. Truth be told, I really didn't think about it too much. After about 20 minutes in, I started getting bored, distracted and began surfing the web on my netbook (I watched the movie on another laptop) and watching my the Tennis Channel on TV.

This movie is definitely a pass.

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