Thursday, November 11, 2010

That's Mr. Frugal to you!

I'm a price snob. I admit it. I prefer to get something good, or even great, for a good, reasonable price. I don't want to overpay but I also don't mind paying slightly more for higher quality. That being said, I can't really justify spending the kind of money retailers want for cologne. I'm sure perfume for women is just as bad but I'm not a woman and I don't use their products...all the time...just kidding.

My guy friends think I'm queer for searching for the best price of the cologne I like online. I've come across some strange sites: some have prices way too low to be true—and possibly not a trustworthy site, while others have prices way too high—if it's more online for the product + s/h or not a large enough discount then I'd much rather get it today at the local store than wait.

In my infinite search for the best price, I've come across FragranceNet and FragranceShop. The websites look frighteningly similar but I'd assume they are different companies because of the many price differences I have come across between the two. Maybe they are the same entity and they have found that some people aren't as diligent as Absent-Minded Jay so they will not find the price difference.

For instance, Dolce & Gabbana 4.2oz spray is $64.19 on "Net" and $56.45 on "Shop." The 4.2 oz tester spray is $55.19 and $52..95, respectively.

A quick side on the not of the "regular spray" and a "tester spray." I'm not sure I'm educated enough in the Eau-de-toilette field to know what the difference between the two are. In the image below, they look pretty much identical to me. The tester looks more like pee than the other but that could be just from the lighting or the closer shot of the bottle. And why is there such a price difference. I mean on FragranceNet it is $9 but on FragranceShop it is merely $5.50. I just don't understand. Someone enlighten me.

My other issue is the price of one of the scents that I really like, although I think I'm losing interest in it...and not just because of the pricing issue. I don't think the scent sticks around long enough compared to how much I initially spritzed with. See the screen capture from FragranceNet.

Yep, that's Creed Green Irish Tweed on FragranceNet...or on FragranceShop. Respectively, it costs $188.19 and $131.95. This is one of the price differences I was mentioning. That's about a $56 difference. Why would I purchase from Net over Shop?

So, that is today's dilemma. It really isn't. I'm probably not going to purchase any cologne, online or otherwise, until I get a chance to run to Dillard's or some place like that locally to infect my nasal palette with different scents to increase my selectivity of those I might get.

Cologne (perfume) is a crazy expensive purchase. I can find a plethora of other uses for my $188 or even $65.


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