Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the news 11/16/2010

There was a groundbreaking today for the George W. Bush Presidential Library today. I read in an article from the Dallas News (here) and I think one of the most mature words I've heard (read) the former President say are these:
The decisions of governing are on another person's desk, and he does not deserve criticism from me.
I don't dislike Bush nor do I like Bush. I'm really apathetic, I guess. He reminds me a lot of the father who believes fully that it is his way or the highway. I sort of grew up with that mentality and that's really the only part that bothers me about him. The 10% of intelligence in my brain though makes me think that you have to have some sort of arrogance and self-righteousness to be President. We all make mistakes when we are in leadership roles and hopefully we and those after us learn from them. Unfortunately, Bush's 'mistake' (it depends on which side of the fence you are) has cost quite a few American soldiers' lives.

Every President will have a some sort of "stain" on their time as President. It's inevitable. We, as Americans, will move on. That's what we do...persevere. It may suck and it may not be immediately fruitful but we can move forward because we are also human.

So, off my squawk box.

I think the library and institute will be a good thing for the university it is being built upon. It can be good or bad but it puts that campus in a global view. Who said bad publicity isn't good? Nobody, because almost always any publicity is good publicity.

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