Friday, December 02, 2011

3" LCD In-Dash DVD Player at Fry's Electronics

I ask, "What is the point of this?" It's bad enough to watch a movie or video on an iPod Touch, iPhone or Android phone but watching a movie on a 3" screen in your car? Really? While driving or sitting still, this is a ridiculous me only obviously because I've had close friends by such things for their kids or their kids bought it for their boy/girlfriend.

I don't really mind too much watching a movie on my iPod Touch if I have too. It's easy, convenient and portable. I don't always want to have my laptop on my lap to watch Netflix. The iPod Touch has worked nicely, surprisingly. This in-dash player is just stupid. Can I say it enough? I guess not so much that it's in-dash in your car when you are watching it but when you decide to quit driving and watching a movie or car time is over, you can't take the device with you. See the problem, now? Do I want to stay in the car watching my movie on a 3" screen just to finish it? I sure as hell don't.

As previously mentioned, I guess there's a market for it because I've seen all makes and models as well as same or slightly larger sizes. I just don't see how a family road trip can be broken up with a movie when the kids can't see this little ass 3" screen from the back seat whether in a car, van or SUV.

Oh well.

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