Friday, December 02, 2011

Canon T2i, T3i, and Snapchick

I was Googling the other day looking for reviews of the Canon T3i compared to the Canon T2i because I'm looking to upgrade my Canon XT. Yes, I still have the old, original digital Rebel! It's done great for me and I guess I really have no reason to upgrade other than I want a new, more recent version DSLR and I'd like it to have decent HD video capabilities. I'm not looking for complete video awesomeness. I just think it would be nice to be able to take video and DSLR photos through one device versus carrying DSLR or point-and-shoot and a video camera. The convenience of having the video option versus not at a time I'm out and about and wanting it is what I really am looking for as the reason of a DSLR/HD Video combination.

So, after visiting many links Google regurgitated upon my search, I'm thinking the Canon T3i in the long run is a slightly better camera for my purposes and preferences. Whether or not I push the virtual "add to cart" and "check out" buttons, is left to be seen. When the new camera can cost around $800 depending on the package or whatnot, it makes holding on to my XT much more appealing. I wouldn't get rid of the XT anyway. I'd give it to my oldest to use and abuse. Good hand-me-downs are always welcome in the Absent-Minded Jay family!

One website that did catch my eye was actually found from browsing YouTube. A video review of the cameras was done by someone and you know how YouTube always posts little video screens of other videos that have some relation to the video you are watching no matter how minute that connection is.

This girl in the video still was in a kind of workout tank top holding a camera. From the small image, she looked fairly attractive with a nice rack. So, it piqued my interest...and only my interest! LOL! Turns out she's pretty informed and somewhat educated about the world of photography and she has a nice range of tank tops and bikinis that she frequently wears/shares through her videos. A bonus in my book no matter what the haters comment on her videos. I mean not everything on a website can be just about photography. Changing it up once every 10-20 videos is not an issue for me especially when it's of this girl in a bikini or half of one in her pool. Who would freaking complain about that, male or female!?

Anyway, from her youtube site I went to her actual website. It is I didn't join or anything because I'm not like the rest of the really perverted dudes and I don't need to pay for Internet nudity when I can get it at home or for free on the WWW.

One thing that did catch my eye was the part of her site that said, "Take Me Home." I was like, "SCHWING!" I clicked on the link and this screen capture below is what it took me to. Again, don't get me wrong. Snapchick is a very attractive girl in a weird kind of way for me...kind of like the girl that plays Brittany (I think) on Glee. She's not drop dead gorgeous or stunningly pretty but she's got a look to her that I just can't explain with words. No matter how hot or very attractive someone is to me, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I would pay $39.99 for an autographed 8x10 of Snapchick even though the way she looks in the photo is absolutely eye-catching and almost makes the weasel go "pop." I congratulate her on the ones she has sold to the poor, blind, hairy-palmed guys she has suckered into her web of lustful delusions. But this is one hairy-palmed guy that will not fall prey to such wickedness! However, I do have this image somewhat etched into my memory as one of my favorite no-nude images I've seen across the Internet. So you go Snapchick and continue what you're doing because in my opinion, you are informing us with actual, useful knowledge as well as entertaining us with your "natural talents and gifts."

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SnapChick said...

Hi! This is SnapChick (Leigh) - Thanks for the honest review of my videos and site!!! I'm a pretty straight shooter myself when it comes to cameras/gear/geek stuff, so I'll take the good with the bad!

Both the T2i and T3i are great cameras. If you're counting on a DSLR for even occasional video, I would try one out first to see if it meets your view of a "video camera." Me and plenty of other folks see video implementation on DSLR's to be pretty sub-standard. I have two video-capable DSLR's and I still use my Canon HG10 for most of my videos. Shoot me an email if you want to hear more of my opinions on it -