Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost there...almost there...

Today was my last official class day of my undergraduate career. Now it's finals weeks. I have one next week then one the following week and then finally graduation day! I CANNOT WAIT! As I think I've posted plenty of times, it's been a long, LONG journey!

I look forward to sleeping in because I will no longer have to go into work early to make up the time I'm in class. I look forward to not having to slightly stress about the assignment/homework that's due.

I wish I would have an entire summer off like most "normal" undergraduates but it's not going to happen for someone at my age! I do have three weeks off planned during the summer but that's based on vacation time earned from my job and not just for being done with schooling.

What does the future old for me next? I'm still going to work. I'm still going to be a husband and father. I just have a degree now. I'd like to change careers but I'm not leaving my current employment until I know what plans my children have for college. I wouldn't mind remaining working at my college job but not in the same position. I would like to move to another position on campus but it'll have to be a good opportunity for me to give up the semi-cush job I currently have. I'm just done with information technology and would like to expand my knowledge and experience as much as possible before I hit mid-century age!

That's all I got to say about that!

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