Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sara Jean Underwood is...pretty hot!

There has been quite a few posts referencing Sara Jean Underwood. Most of the time it's about her in the most scantily glad outfit she could find. Not a problem in my book but there are some haters out there...even some of them are male. WTF kind of males, I don't know but they are there. My thought is to just enjoy the hotness while it lasts. Reminds me a lot of when Megan Fox hit the "everything hotness" links on the Internet. Also, I'm sure the Attack of the Show program is loving her bringing viewers in even if it's just for her.

So, here's a link to today's images courtesy of Egotastic. These are for Men's Fitness Magazine. Funny thing is I don't consider her "fit" in the sense of what most people consider fit: tone, muscular, aerobic, etc., not is she a man so WTF is she doing in Men's Fitness? Again, I'll enjoy the photos but anything else is just on the side of ridiculous.

I predict within the near future she will pose fully nude for free or for Playboy. I don't really care which. In fact, I'd be happy if someone hacked her phone because I know she has some self-shot nudes on it!

UPDATE: Well, shit! A quick search on Egotastic and I found these and these.

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