Friday, April 27, 2012

Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack from Walmart revisited

A few days over one year ago I posted about my backpack dilemma and how I finally purchased and switched to a new one. Here's the original post. After one year of use, this is the state of the Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack.

This bag obviously has not held up as well as my Jansport that is over 20 years old! This is just from normal wear and tear. Nothing extreme. Just packing it in the morning, walking to work, taking out my laptop if I brought it, leaving it on the floor while I work, putting the laptop back in it if I brought it, walking back home, and then putting it on my dining chair until the next day unless I get my laptop out and use it for the evening. Now occasionally it may be considered slightly overstuffed but it didn't seem to harm my Jansport. That's the difference between canvas and vinyl/synthetic fabrics people! Again, this was only like $12 and for that it lasted a year. I guess that's a good investment. But now I have to look for another bag even though I'm graduating I still like to carry random shit in my could call it my murse. I'm thinking I'm going to invest in another Jansport under $100 but hopefully at least half that or more!

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