Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A few Mother's Day gift suggestions from

I'm on the email list for's daily/weekly/specialty deal notifications. Today's specialty notification was for the upcoming Mother's Day. The subject title was "Gifts for Mom..." I don't think is making too many friends with this particular least I wouldn't if I were a mother.

The first gift is this:

Wouldn't you know that this is the top choice of your dear old mother or even your wife, mother of your children? It subtly says, "Get your ass in the kitchen where you belong and fix my dinner...bitch!"

Let's move on to exhibit number 2:

Once again, a stellar choice for Mother. It says, "After you fix my dinner, get your ass in there and clean the place up...bitch!"

And finally, if you truly want spend your days in the doghouse, exhibit number 3 will complete the task for you:

The bestest gift of them all that says, "You're fat, fucking exercise and lose some weight. You're an embarrassment!"

All loving gifts to spend your hard-earned money on.

Side note: Don't get me wrong. I shop at often. They have many good deals and I have never had any issues with the shopping and buying experience. I'm merely commenting on the funny ways marketing is done.

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