Monday, May 14, 2012

Lauren Cohan

In my newly found down time since I'm no longer have to worry about getting class assignments done, I have been able to be more random in my thinking, my searching, my blogging. It could only get worse before it gets better, if it does at all.

Some things I have been able to do because of one of the best technologies called "Tivo" or DVR/PVR for those people who don't have an actual Tivo brand DVR/PVR. I was able to complete the past (2nd) season of The Walking Dead. There was this new character introduced named Maggie.

It's played by Lauren Cohan. There was something striking about her even though she played this country bumpkin. She is very naturally pretty. I couldn't wait for Glenn to have relations with her because the attraction was building and I wanted him to do her FOR ME. Ha! Sick I know!

Watching the each episode this season with her in it, I couldn't place it but I felt like I had seen her on some other show/movie before. After using my brain and Googling her (not the way I wanted to "google" her) and found out where I had seen her before.

She was Damon's hot vampire lover, Rose, in The Vampire Diaries!

Oh how much I'd like to compel her.

Okay, so that's that!

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