Wednesday, June 06, 2012

RE: Which laptop/notebook/ultrabook to buy?

Since nobody chimed in on my previous post, I waited and pondered a little longer.

I finally came across an informative article that said something like "should I wait to buy a laptop?" I read it and I decided that I should wait.

If the article is correct, the screen resolution hang up that I have will be solved. The article said that the "next generation" screens (bigger than 1366 x 768) and processors (Ivy Bridge) will be coming in the months to follow. It will probably be the best "deals" around August which is what...the "back-to-school" sales. "What about if I'm not going back to school, can I still get the deals?" That was sarcasm.

However, my waiting is not just because of this article. I asked myself the motherly/wifey question we all have heard at least once in our life, "DO YOU REALLY NEED [insert product here]?" My answer is undeniably "No" but do we really need anything!?

My current beast of a laptop, ASUS G50VT-X5, is still working. It's in pretty good shape and I currently am having no issues with it. <<knocks on wood>> Well, other than the secondary hard drive I have installed occasionally makes a noise like it needs oil but that's an additional part not an original to the machine and is easily replaced when needed. It's heavier than I'd like at this time but only because I have been carrying it around a lot. I bring it back and forth to work because I am in an office where I remotely log into my office computer from my laptop. I do this because there is no telling when my boss will decide that I need to return to my cubicle versus an actual office even though he's said he doesn't plan on me having to do so. I don't trust him/them because they always say one thing and do parents! LOL!

Anyway, while typing this between working and not working over the past day, an article at Gizmodo was posted simply stating,
If you're thinking about buying a laptop any time soon, don't. Just don't do it.
So, I think I'm definitely going to wait. Partly because of the specs of machines that are about to come to market but also because I have a few other things that I'd like to do/buy with my money at this time. Especially, since I said that my current computers/laptops are working just fine.

That's all I got to say about that!

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