Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Stop the insanity!

Please! Please! For the love of God, stop creating laptops/notebooks with number pads!

If someone really, really needs to have a keypad, they can buy a USB/Bluetooth accessory. This is a the ASUS G75VW-TS71 currently being advertised at (link while it lasts).

Look at the beautiful real estate on the keyboard of this computer. The important keys (all of them but the number pad) could be centered as well as the touch pad to the screen versus askew to the left. I mean how many desktop users do you know that like to have their movable keyboards to slightly to the left or right of their monitors? Very, very few and that's because it's their choice. This notebook keyboard layout is not by the user's choice. Also, if the keyboard was centered, the space on each side could be used for decent quality and sized speakers. Or maybe some biometric fingerprint reader. Or something other than a stupid number pad.

Oh well, if more consumers would complain, maybe they'd change their form factor. Maybe I'm the only one.

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