Friday, June 05, 2015

How much is that doggy in the window

Saw this little puppy while walking during my lunch break around Snider Plaza. Apparently there's a pet boutique that opened up which specializes in teacup and toy breeds. A friend and I stopped in out of curiosity. She asked if the dog was full-grown. It's still a puppy but won't get much bigger than it is now.

My friend asked if she could hold it. The sales girl said that she'd have to sign a release which I'm sure says one has to pay for the dog or damages to the dog if it's dropped or whatever. Weird but understandable, I guess.

My friend then asked how much the dog was. The sales girl said that she'd have to make an appointment to know the actual costs but it was a few thousand. So in my mathematical mind, a few is more than two but less than infinity. Right? Ha, ha!

Anyway, if you want teeny tiny dogs, you might check it out. I would not like to spend that kind of money...a few thousand...on a pet, especially a dainty one.

The dog was a cutie though!

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