Monday, June 22, 2015

Six Flags Over Texas survey

I'm on the listserv for Six Flags Over Texas. Yes, I joined on purpose when I was a season pass holder.

I was a season pass holder a couple of years ago and was for a few years. In my eyes, it's more of a value to purchase season pass tickets versus buying a one-day ticket. One reason is because you don't have to feel like you have to fit in getting to ride all the rides in one day and then feel jacked for not being able to do so because two to three rides had a wait line for an hour(s) or more.

Anyway, trust me. The season pass with season parking is the best deal becaus if you go 2-3 times the ROI on the passes costs is made back. Plus, the first time you go you can ride just five or so rides then the second time you can ride five different ones and the third five more different ones or even the same. That way you don't feel like you got jacked out of your money like you would with the one-day costs unless, of course, you got very lucky and went on a non-busy day for the one-day ticket.

My season pass days were for my kids...and me. I like to ride almost all the rides. There are some that sort of made me sick, mainly kiddie rides, because I guess I'm old(er) but all of the big rides are not a problem so far. We did season passes because my kids were younger and still wanted to hang out with their dad. But they got older. One wanted to go with just friends even though those friends liked to have me along because I'm a FUN. The other decided there was really no desire to go because of the hatred of roller coasters and anything else that goes higher than ten feet.

Six Flags Over Texas sent me a survey to complete via email. I thought it was interesting when I got to this part shown in the screen shot below.

The second sentence starting with "Below" must have been written by someone for whom English is a second language.

The questions to follow were about ideas of new rides and what I thought about them. Basically, they are querying people (well me) about things that are already being done at other amusement parks. I get it. They are trying to see if there is an interest in certain types of rides/attractions. That's what they should do.

But...can they really and truly hold me to clicking the "Yes, I promise" button? Who's going to know if it was me or someone else who spilled the beans?

Although, the best idea would be a NEW idea and not one that's already being done.

Anyway...stupid randomness, I know...

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