Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goff's Hamburgers

It has been a long while since my first visit to Goff's Hamburgers. This is for a few reasons but mainly because I think it is overpriced for what you get and their food just doesn't have that "wow" factor, or even a "that sounds good" thinking, for me. Now some may say that the portion size is exact for what people should eat to keep from gaining weight. I don't disagree with this. What I do disagree with is the steep price they charge for what is essentially the size of a hockey puck (or two double-stacked).

It seems that Tuesdays after 5 p.m. are half-price burgers, at the University Park location anyway. So last Tuesday, I figured it was a good time to take them for another test drive.

I don't recall the menu from my 1st and only visit but I didn't want to seem like an "ignorant customer" so I was trying to read the menu from the back of the line. It was about seven people deep so I had time to eyeball the chalkboard menu on the wall by the register.

The menu items are listed by numbers, mostly, as far as I could tell.

The line seemed to be moving smoothly so I started feeling pressured to know what I wanted to order.

I wasn't extremely hungry but didn't want to ruin the "bargain" of 1/2-price burgers. I decided to go with the #11—2 patties, lettuce, tomato, and sauce—with a drink. The cashier asked if I wanted fries or onion rings. I was tempted but I held steadfast to my master plan of ordering cheap.

I was given my drink cup and a ticket. I got my Diet Coke and took a seat near the front of the restaurant. About 7 minutes later, I assumed my number was called because the ticket I was given had a number on it but it wasn't stated to me by the cashier that it was my number. She could have assumed I was a regular and "in the know" but I would think telling the customer their ticket number should be standard practice.

I took my burger back to my seat and I must say that my expectation of a double-patty burger was NOT what I received. In comparison, a double-meat at Jake's Burgers is closer to what I, or anyone for that matter, would expect.

I proceeded to take a few bites and it dawned on me that the #11 at Goff's is very similar to the Big Mac at McDonald's. The main differences in my opinion are as follows: (1)the patties are cooked differently, (2)the #11 has one less bun, and (3)the #11 has slightly thicker patties. The similarities are double-meat, cheese, lettuce, and special sauce. I think the regular price of the #11 is the same price as the Big Mac value meal at McDonald's. Again, not something that I would have expected from a not-advertised-as-fast-food restaurant.

The burger was...ummm...average. It didn't make me think to myself how glad I was to have chosen this place for dinner nor did it make me want to hurry back. I can't say the #11 was bad so I'm just going with average.

I won't be heading back unless it is on a Tuesday. I do believe that the convenience of this location is favorable for me but the costs on other days is not conducive to my liking or my wallet. I may try it a third time and try a different burger but I'm not rushing out the door to do so.

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