Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is how Playstation says "Thank You"?

Two free PS3 games that are older games and a couple not so grand and exciting. The best one in my opinion (I guess somewhat bias since it's the only one I've actually played) is InFamous. It's a pretty damn good game. I can't wait to play the second version. I've read about Little Big Planet and how great it is. The other two I had never played before. So, I downloaded Little Big Planet and WipeOut HD Bundle. I have only played WipeOut and I'd have to say it's a lame fucking game. I think most of the apps on the iPhone are better than this game. Graphically, they are probably equal but the play/replay value is nil. I have yet to install Little Big Planet.

As far as the free movies, again, are you fucking shitting me!? "GhostBusters," "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within," and "Bad Boys?"!? How old long ago did GhostBusters come out?

Anyway, Sony has a funny and lame fucking way to say, "Thanks" and "Sorry." It reminds me when Sprint sent me a "Thanks for being a long-term, loyal customer with Premier status" and said they're offering me a free ring tone. The max charge/worth of a ring tone was $3.99 with the lowest being $.99.

Boo Sony! Boo Sprint! Boo!

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