Monday, March 28, 2011

Interesting questions from a survey

So, I think the point of this survey was to query the student population on if they volunteer for community services, what services they select, how they select and volunteer for their selected services, when and how often they volunteer and to see if any of them volunteer because of the college versus on their own. I think they want to know what kind of students they have and if the school is providing adequate (or braggable) access for these students to volunteer and support different services.

What's interesting is how they asked all these generic questions about the type of services and volunteering students have done but then these last few questions have to do with gender and sexual orientation.

Personally, I think these questions should not include the choice of "I prefer to not respond" because it should be a more definitive survey. The third option should be more like "Neither" or "I don't fucking know because I'm gender confused!" I think that gives a more accurate representation than "No response" which is basically what "I prefer to not respond" translates to. If they are trying to find out how many males versus females volunteer, then "No Response" doesn't help the survey.

Same with transgendered. A person either is or isn't. There is no maybe in transgendered.

And then finally, wouldn't you want to know how many Lesbians versus Bisexuals versus Homosexuals versus Heterosexuals versus "Try-anythings" volunteer that way you can point the finger and say, "Straights are less likely to volunteer for important causes whereas the Homosexuals volunteer the most?" I think an option of "I don't know what the fuck my orientation 'officially' is" is a more viable option because there are some people who are generally unsure.

So, basically in my opinion, if you are going to send a survey out to get information to compare, you shouldn't give the surveyees the choice to opt out of a question because that's the easiest answer. Your survey will not only be a waste of their time but your's as well.

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