Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

We are staying overnight in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on our way to Ft Walton Beach, Florida. We figured it would be a nicer drive to have less distance to travel on Sunday before we have to check in to our condo on the beach. It’ll be about a four-hour drive. We drove for about eight hours today (Saturday). We were going to stop in Jackson, MS but decided that it was still early when we arrived (about 4pm) that Hattiesburg didn’t seem too much of a jaunt (about 2 hours) since it was still early in the afternoon.

So, we are currently at the Comfort Inn off Hwy 49. It’s the 4th of July and while I was getting dinner to bring back to the hotel room, I found out that they don’t do jack shit for the 4th in this town. The drive-thru girls at the Wendy’s said that the Wal-Mart used to host a fireworks show but not anymore. A lot of good that information did for me. They did say that some churches in the area do fireworks shows but they weren’t for sure.

I just took my dog outside for a final potty for the night before bedtime and I did hear some fireworks. Most of them were little pops here and there meaning they were individuals probably lighting black cats. In one part of the sky, I did see some bigger “explosions” of fireworks but they weren’t consistent enough to prove to me that they were a “show.” Anyway, it’s kind of a bum deal to not have a fireworks display to see this year…especially in the “all-patriotic” Mississippi south!

Oh yeah, I did drive by the local college here. It turns at we are right down the street from Southern Mississippi University or University of Southern Mississippi, Home of the Golden Eagles.

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