Thursday, July 30, 2009

Replacement Blackberry

I had to get a replacement for my Blackberry Curve. The keyboard wouldn't work. Even though I could receive calls, emails and texts, I could not answer, read or reply to them.

Sprint store ordered a new one since they couldn't figure out the problem. That was last Friday. They said they'd call me when it came in, either Mon or Tue this week. They called me Monday to say it was in...on my cell number which I could not answer. And I took out the battery because the tone was left on "loud" so I couldn't know when they called anyway. That was the only dumb part on Sprint's part.

Anyway, I checked my vmail early Tuesday morn thinking they should have it by then. That's when I got their message. I went during my lunch and all was dandy.

It turns out that the restore function on the BB desktop software worked like a charm for my un-synced with Outlook numbers and contacts BUT it didn't restore the phone to "just like your current phone's status" as the customer service guy said. I had to re-download most of the applications I use or could remember previously downloading like FaceBook, GoogleTalk, Pocket Express and one or two others. That's not too big a deal except it is time consuming.

I had to reset my email on the Blackberry sight because it seems the specific phone is tied to the account you set up. That was loads of fun and no one tells you about this. Thank goodness for Google!

I did notice that the BB phone software seems to have been upgraded compared to my previous phone. The interface is slightly different, like the icons are different. Some of the software is different too, like FaceBook--which I don't particularly like, but I thought I had the latest of all the software I used. Shows what I really know.

Anyway, the new phone looks good (no scratches and such) and works pretty good too. The only thing I noticed so far is that the battery seems to lose charge quicker than before. It could be the new software (BB or any others)...I don't know. I doubt it is the battery as it wasn't a problem in my old phone.

Well, that's my "Sprint story" and it wasn't a negative one...for once!

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