Monday, July 20, 2009

Snuffer's Restaurant

I just got back into the office a little bit ago from going to lunch with my boss and co-boss at Snuffer's on Lower Greenville. Check the info here and here.

I love this place. It's good, down-home-death in a basket. Freakin' awesome! My bosses took me there for my birthday lunch since I wasn't here on Friday, my actual birth date.

I got the Swiss, mushroom burger. Cooked medium. It came out pretty red/pink but I don't care. I actually like it that way but my boss got the same burger and my co-boss got the cheddar burger and the medium was not cooked enough for them. It really wasn't medium compared to other restaurants because the patty is so thick.

Anyway, we also had a large side of cheese fries with chives and bacon bits. No jalapenos for this guy!

It was a good lunch meal. And for me, it was free since they paid. It made it a good day to return to work after two weeks of vacation!

Afterward, we walked across the street to Condom Sense. A friend and coworker of ours got "married" - too much to explain right now. The co-boss wanted to get him a sort of gag wedding gift and she thought she'd find it at Condom Sense. It's the first time I've been in one of these establishments and I don't think the bosses were the people to go there with but it's a good thing we are 'friends' and get along outside of work as well as at work.

Basically, it's a sex shop. It has DVDs, toys, props, lotions and anything else you might find at a true adult store. It doesn't have the huge selection of these items that may be at bigger and actual adult stores but, needless to say, it's an adult sex shop. I've seen some interesting things in my life and I've seen even more today.

We left without a gift but I did leave thinking that I could name at least half of the female porn stars whose images grace the various products. Scary!

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