Wednesday, December 01, 2010

HP Scots vs. Mequite Poteet Pirates football game

Saturday, November 27, 2010 the family and I entered the home of the Dallas Cowboys. This is where the Highland Park Scots (or here) played the Mesquite Poteet Pirates in a 3rd round high school football playoff game.

First of all, let me say that I really didn't care who won the game. I live closer to HP than I do Mesquite so it would have been nice if the nearer-vicinity team won but I'll live and move on since they didn't.

The main reason we attended was to enter and somewhat experience the Cowboys Stadium for less than $100 for six people to enjoy (I took two neighbor kids and paid for them even though their parents gave them money). The tickets were $12 per person and parking was $10 for spots within the stadium lot. So, $82 to start the process. There are nose-bleed-brain-crushing-from-atmospheric-pressure seats that are near that cost during a regular Cowboys game.

We got to sit in seats just about anywhere near the field. The very lower level had seats from 1 row to 20 rows or so back from the field wall. The next level was the suites and then the seats above the suites. There was no need for any levels higher than that. It would have been cool to take a non-scheduled tour of the upper areas but I got good enough of the experience from my above-the-suites seat. We chose that area so we could still see the GIGANTIC JUMBOTRON! That screen is way, effing huge! At times, we forgot there was a game on the field because we'd be watching the screen like it was TV at home. There's nothing like HD acne when the cameras would pan the band, cheerleaders, and other teenage fans. How embarrassing that could be for some.

I must say that the concessions is a big money maker just like in any sporting venue but Cowboys Stadium takes it to extreme. The wife and I were very thirsty for a soda and some snacks. She wanted popcorn, peanuts and a diet soda. I go to the many concession areas and they didn't have anything else enticing for me to eat...not to mention the price for a burger was like $10 and my thought is I can get a meal for two for that amount at some fast food joint! I found this "cart" selling popcorn. The popcorn was $5.50 for a small (which was actually an adequate size for the two of us) and I got a bag of Skittles for $3.50. Off to find the drinks. I wasn't paying like $8-$10 for a collector's cup—which was made of cheap, thin plastic—so I opted for the 20oz bottle beign held in a rollable ice tub. Luckily, Dr Pepper and Pepsi are sold because we wanted Diet Dr Pepper. I asked the lady vendor for two bottles of Diet Dr Pepper and she said, "That'll be $10." I was like, "Are you shitting me?" She giggled. I paid because I was dying for a carbonated beverage. I walked back to our seats. The popcorn wasn't that great. It had sat inside the popcorn-making cart for too long I guess because it wasn't the freshest or hottest. I ate as much as I could because I wasn't wasting $5.50 and it was in front of me. Suckass food #1! The $5 20oz was good. Hit the spot. I nursed it like a beer at a nudie bar! I also ate the Skittles and they were good. A guy selling peanuts finally came around. I bought a bag for $5. It seems they are in a vacuum pack and are not HOT ROASTED but just roasted. We ate the peanuts, some of them anyway, for the same reason I did the popcorn. Suckass food #2!

I was going to comment about the game but I think I'll leave it to the real writes of the various local newspapers in the area.

I was going to comment about the Stadium and other stuff there but you'll just have to experience for yourself some day...on the cheap is my recommendation. It's a huge, phenomenal place but I can't see blowing that kind of money more than once a year...if once in a year at all.

Just a quick explanation of the following photos from left to right. (1) View from our parking spot, (2) One side of the big glass sliding doors from the sidewalk around the Stadium, (3) The jumbotron, (4) The upper-level Ford and Dr Pepper "pavilions," (5) Shot of the field from our seats, (6) The upper-level Miller Lite and Pepsi "pavilions."




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