Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Who should you ignore?

Whether it's a comment on a blog post or an article in the paper/on the web, how can you quickly decipher which people to ignore completely if you care to acknowledge them at all?

Today just happened to be a day where I was reading a few articles/posts with comments and I noticed something: America (and maybe somewhat abroad) is full of non-spelling idiots!

First of all, I don't profess to know how to spell every word. If I don't use them, I usually don't know how to spell them or if I use them verbally, I can always hit F7 while in MS Word or do a search for it on the WWW.

Second, these misspellings aren't hard to spell words, big words, or words with hidden consonants or vowels.

Third, I'm not saying people don't make random mistakes like typing an 'I' before an 'E' or any inadvertent swapping or omission of letters. I'm talking just a general misunderstanding of what word to correctly use and then correctly spelling it.

So, one of the most common misspelled words I have found in comments is:
  • definately instead of definitely
  • loose instead lose
  • chose instead choose
  • there instead of their
There are more but I can't remember them all at this time. The worst violators are the ones that brag about being educated and/or even a teacher of some sort and then they type definately — That's when I sarcastically think, "Yeah, I'm glad you are teaching someone's kid smarty pants."

Anyway, that's all I got to say about that...for now.

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