Monday, September 01, 2008

The future of politics

So, as mentioned many times before, I'm not politically charged. I could care or less because no matter what, the middle-class guy (ME) always gets screwed!

I do read though and I saw that John McCain picked Sarah Palin, a woman, for his running mate. It seems to me it was a surprise move as in most of the articles I've read the Republican Party was just as fucking shocked as the rest of the world. In politics though, it's about the support and the numbers of support. As such, why the hell wouldn't McCain pick a woman to be his running mate albeit not a very experience one? He saw that Hilary Clinton pulled a lot of support with her run at the Democratic nomination and wondered how he would get that support that she had.

Anyway, that's about the extent to which I plan to get political in this post.

What I did want to type is:
  1. Sarah Palin is a definitely kind of a MILF.
  2. A historic moment will occur when whichever running pair actually gets elected:
    • Either a black man will be president or
    • A woman will be vice president

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