Sunday, September 07, 2008

Taylor Cole in Finish Line

Finish Line (2008). I watched this movie last night. It has Scott Baio and the father from The Wonder Years and the older guy that used to bang Amanda Woodward in the Melrose Place. It has a few other people but no none else well or fairly known.

Anyway, it wasn't that too bad of a movie. I've seen way better. It was basically a knock off of The Fast and the Furious but with a lot less driving/racing/speeding action.

There is this one part though, which includes an actress not mentioned above, Taylor Cole. What's wild is her IMDB bio says she is from Arlington, Texas. That's just about 30 minutes from Dallas so she's a local. Cool. She's smokin' hot!

The uncool part is that she has this sex scene--it's not making love when you basically just met. It's just sex!--with the main character guy and she gets naked. Well, basically naked. She's definitely topless but they seemed to have dry humped with her black lacy thong and his boxers still on. It could have been the sex scene from the cheesy B-movies from back in the day.

Anyway, she takes off her top and we (well,me) gets high hopes that we are about to experience her naked breasts. And we do...sort she turns out to be wearing pasties! What the hell is that!? Pasties in a movie!?!? She's basically showing all her stuff and she really thinks that pasties are going to "cover" her naked boobs. I mean I'm already seeing her boobs just not her nipples. Being the perverted man I am, I can fill in the nipples to make my fantasy complete. DUH!

So, just to show my point, see a screen capture of the said pasties below. You can make out the beige part of the pasty near the front of her breast. A disappointment, truly!

Pasties are a travesty. I thought they did away with those back in the prudish times like 20-30 years ago.

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