Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why was Uriel Perez Palacios not behind bars?

Driver in fatal Dallas crash shouldn't have been on road
Court records show that Uriel Perez Palacios should not have been driving the Chevrolet Tahoe that authorities say he used on Labor Day to speed away from them before crashing and killing a young Irving couple.
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So, just a quick glimpse of something from the article. His drunk driving arrest record:

Again, why wasn't he detained (and killed) after his driving while drunk turned into a felony. What happened to "three strikes" rule, for any "crime"? This goes to show you that we are way too lenient on criminals these days.

If I got my time line right, he was 18 yrs old when he plead guilty to two counts of driving while intoxicated. Please refresh my memory but isn't 18 below the legal drinking age of 21? Oh but he plead guilty which lessened his sentence, right? STRIKE ONE - jail time!

Then, roughly a year and a half later, he violates probation and is arrested. STRIKE TWO - jail time!

Again, roughly a year and a half later, he is arrested on drug possession and a third DWI. This made the DWI arrest a felony. STRIKE THREE - no jail time!

In 2008, it gets even worse. It seems the police/justice system was content on collecting money from him and then letting him go...repeatedly.

Longer story short...the needless death of the newly married couple and the injuries to the college students could have and should have been avoided if Palacios was properly executed, er, prosecuted. Why the judicial system couldn't see that he was a habitual criminal is beyond me.

If it were me, I would be suing the city(ies) along with whoever else the family is looking to make pay for the loss of their child.

I'm in favor of public flogging or stoning to death.

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