Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another semester of college started

Two days ago I had my first class of the fall 2008 semester. It's another information technology and operations management (ITOM) class. This one is about problem solving, quantitative analysis and shit like that. The prof gives pop quizzes and three tests, no comprehensive final. I love no comprehensive finals because I usually only comprehend long enough to pass the during-semester tests. Once those are taken, I wipe my memory and fill it with the next test's information. It's an uncanny ability but I like it except when I forget things on the comprehensive final. LOL!

My second class was yesterday. It's a management organization (MNO) class. We'll talk and discuss things about how management should handle issues within a business or businesses. This one seems fairly straight forward as well. No comprehensive final but there are three tests and a group assignment. I hate fucking group assignments. I don't have the time to find time to meet with a group so we can discuss the project. I actually could find the time but I don't WANT to find the time. Oh well.

Seems like good times ahead.

Have I ever mentioned on this blog how much I hate school!? Any kind of school, except for maybe bikini contest judging school, rock climbing school, video game playing know, shit that's fun!

What I need is a pontoon like this one or even this one. Just kicking back on the lake or some calm waters off the coast somewhere. Man, that would be the life!


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