Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HEADLINE: Clijsters rallies to beat Sharapova in Cincinnati final

This is a few days late but I had to comment. Link to the story here while it lasts.

I had to TiVo this match because I was busy or something. I like me some tennis and I really like women's tennis when the play is skillful, well-played and the women are attractive. Maria Sharapova is still pretty hot with long legs and Kim Clijsters is attractive in a different way (although she could probably snap an armored car in half with her legs but she is limber...anyway).

I started watching the match and I was getting pissed pissed off because of all the screaming that Sharapova was doing. She's a very good player and I used to like watching her but I can't these days because of her overtly audible annoyances! I know she doesn't have to make those screams to play. She's done it many times before as have all the other screamers like Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Victoria Azarenka just to name a few. I don't understand why the WTA hasn't made it a concern and rule violation. As player, this is likened to people talking, screaming or moving in the stands. The players don't like those things to happen and they complain to the chair umpire about it but not the screaming from across net?

I've typed about it before, I'm sure, but it's ridiculously out of control these days. Now, in a 5th set (or 3rd for the wimpy women) and after 3 hours or so of playing, I can see that there could be some grunting or winning a point celebratory screaming but anything else, needs to be reeled in and warned upon!

I didn't see the completion of this match. It almost ended in the 2nd set but Clijsters ended up winning it after a rain delay. Because of this rain delay, my TiVo stopped recording the show after the listed time frame (which is a major gripe I have with TiVo but that's for another ranting post). I thought about catching the replay on The Tennis Channel but they were showing some U.S. Open highlights of past, Agassi's 'biopic' and then the women's doubles finals.

I didn't find out who won until the Monday. So, my point of the post is I have to say that I was extremely ecstatic that Sharapova lost. The sad fact of the matter is I'm glad she lost because of her annoying screaming. She played a great first set and most of the second. She has a great game and is pretty enjoyable to watch. I just can't stand her noisiness. Yes, there is a mute button on my TV/remote, and I did use it, but I shouldn't have to.

Another thing about using the mute button is that I did it also to shut the commentators up...specifically, Cliff Drysdale. He kept commenting on how improved Sharapova's serve has come and he even had the video people put up side-by-side videos of now-and-then serves playing frame by frame to show how impressed he was with her "new" service motion. It was kind of like listening to your perverted Uncle Jim talking about how his niece has blossomed into a young lady. Barf!

Anyway, the U.S. Open is coming soon. I'm sure I will have more tennis post in the weeks to come. Can't wait, huh?

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