Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Occasionally I'm funny, at least I like to think so

At work today, I was feeling a little humorous or maybe it was delirium but I thought I'd have a little fun in email. I'm careful on what I say so don't you worry about me being inappropriate at work. If you learn anything from me, don't put anything in any form of print that you don't want to possibly come back and haunt you later. I still have hopes for that seat in the Senate!

First, I am in the process of getting a new desktop PC for work. Just about anything bought these days will be way better and faster than what I have, which is about six years old. It's getting to the point where rebooting is an hourly necessity.

Anyway, I sent a couple of links to the boss of two computers that vary in price by about $110. The main difference is one is an AMD and the other is Intel. Every other difference is minimal. So, the boss replies asking me if I had a personal preference. I respond with:
The feminine side of me likes the shiny, smooth exterior of the HP compared to the dull, bland exterior of the Dell. Although the masculine side of me likes saying “quad core” versus “i-5,” the megahertz are slightly better with the "i-5." In the long run, is it the price that decides which one of them is IN and which one is OUT?

Where’s Tim when I need him?
My boss is a big Project Runway fan. I don't watch it...honest...but my wife does and I usually get sucked in to its web!

Second, I finished a project that many people were looking forward to having access to. It's not a huge deal but I'm the only one that does, stupid! Because it's my job not because I'm the smartest in the office, although I am.

Anyway, it just a bunch of photos that had to be resized, formatted, and web pages created in a specific format to portray these photos with identities and links for email listed for each person's photo in alphabetical order. It was about 154 photos in all. Tedious but even a "caveman could do it" although it would be more tedious with a hammer, pick and stone.

I emailed to my boss and others that the project was complete with this little message:

The [blank] photos have been uploaded to the [blank] web site. Thanks to [Absent-Minded Jay] for his diligence, perseverance and technical skills for making this happen in a timely manner. The team would be lost without him.
I thought it was very well said and so totally true.

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